The Chris Burns Show

2 Simple Investment Tips To Learn From Last Month

Episode Summary

If you want to be successful long-term, you can’t invest based on the short-term predictions of news media or political institutions. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 55, you’ve got to break out of that cyclical, short-term mindset.

Episode Notes

Learning these two investments tips apply to life far beyond financial growth. Honestly, I'm trying to teach my oldest son these lessons too and am not quite getting through to him. Maybe you can learn from the past month's news headlines and MAKE SOME REAL PROGRESS for your long-term investments. It's a simple mindset shift.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - This podcast exists so you see how recent financial news affects your life, your wallet and your future. If you heard something that made you think about your personal situation or were confused by something don’t stay that way— Click here and ask our team any question. We would love to help you.

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