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3 Major Financial Advising Red Flags to Watch For...

Episode Summary

After a client meeting this week, something needs to be said about the scary truths in the financial industry and how planners are wrongly making money on YOUR MONEY. Pay attention to the red flags. Here is what you need to look for and the best question to ask when you have suspicions. Managing your money is nothing to be taken lightly.

Episode Notes

We're ready for the angry emails from past employers and people in the financial industry. We're bracing for impact and 100% confident in our decision to put the scary truth out there!

By knowing what goes on behind the scenes, you’re able to better discern whether the financial advisor you’re working with now or whoever you sit down with in the future is a good fit.

It’s critical for you to understand exactly how your money is being managed. So take notes, ask questions, do whatever you need to do to pay attention, because you don’t want to miss this!

MOST IMPORTANTLY - This podcast exists so you see how recent financial news affects your life, your wallet and your future. If you heard something that made you think about your personal situation or were confused by something don’t stay that way— Click here and ask our team any question. We would love to help you.

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