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Businesses Reaping The Most Reward From Tax Cut

Episode Summary

How can your business be the most successful in this changing tax environment? 

Episode Notes

The tax cut reminds me a lot of one of my favorite movies, Christmas Vacation. Chevy Chase thinks he’s going to get a massive Christmas bonus, so he decides to put a deposit down on a new pool. Instead, he ends up getting a Jelly of the Month subscription. 

With an average increase of 1-2%, you probably feel like you got a Jelly of the Month subscription. 
Now, I love jelly, so I wouldn’t mind a jelly subscription but I’d still prefer money for my bonus. 

If you’re making $40,000 a year, a 1% raise would give you an extra $400 per year or $16 per paycheck. That’s not enough to blow on a new pool, but maybe you can get dinner out one night. 

But if you spend your money wisely, you could end making this pay bump worth more than you think! 

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