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A number of folks have reached out recently concerned about the impact the election could have on the stock market. The stock market is actually in record territory right now. Three months ago, no one expected this type of recovery. So the next question is, when might this change? The answer that most people are getting is that the election is going to be the big difference maker. Before the 2016 election, CNN money reported: “If Donald Trump wins, U.S. stocks will almost certainly tank.” They quoted one firm who predicted an 8% drop if Trump won, and the Brookings Institute projected a 10-15% drop. Of course, in 2016, the exact opposite happened. But the key lesson here isn’t that the market will go up or down based on who wins, it’s that we don’t win in the market by trying to predict it. So many people have come out with predictions from both the right and left. Chris shares his main concern with predictions, which is the choices we make when reacting to anxiety and fear. If we live in a cycle of fear, you are going to severely damage your portfolio long-term. Politicians are capitalizing on this like crazy right now. They are trying to push us into thinking, if the other side wins…it is going to catastrophic. It’s about managing your response to fear.

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