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Can Love & Money Co-Exist? | Don’t Bank on Incentives | Winning Your Budget

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75% of Americans are experiencing financial stress and nearly ¼ are feeling “extreme financial stress.” Money is tearing up relationships, but these stories of hope will inspire you! How can you figure out how to work WITH your spouse to see your finances bring you together? The phone lines lit up on this topic with practical stories and real ways to get better in our relationships. AND a 3 billion dollar fine? Wells Fargo will be just fine. Incentives blindness is something hurting the financial industry in so many ways, but the banking industry is making a lot of money on YOUR MONEY. What can you do as the bank is taking your hard-earned cash? ALSO, Sticking to a budget? You need something to make it work. It must be realistic, you need accountability, and you have to track it! Like what you heard? Leave us a review. #LikeAndSubscribe

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