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Coronavirus, Cold Cash, and A Calm Response | The Costly Appeal of “Free” | Have You Skipped An Investing Step?

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Chris shares the one question you need to ask yourself before making ANY changes to your financial situation in light of the market drop. Clients have been calling in worried about how they should respond to the impact of the Coronavirus, one person even wanted to go fully to cash (...FYI this is a really bad idea). AND, Chris breaks down an education deficit facing our nation. Young voters lack basic financial knowledge and may not understand the repercussions of “free”. A new study gives insight into why millennials are flocking towards the promise of freebies. Chris will unpack what you need to know. ALSO, can a boring financial topic be one of the most pivotal steps to success? Chris jumps into the Lightning Round to explain this often skipped step in investing that is crucial for your portfolio. Like what you heard? Leave us a review. #LikeAndSubscribe

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Read The Sixty Trillion Dollar Man from The Atlantic.

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