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Expect the Unexpected | Lightning Round Questions are Back!

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Expect the unexpected. How can what’s been going on recently in our nation, effectively help shape our future decisions? We entered this week with optimism. The stock market made a record run, economic numbers showed that people were slowly getting back to work, the curve for the pandemic seemed to have flattened. But then, a cascade of events changed the momentum. The Chairman of the Federal Reserve said, it could be some YEARS before people get back to their jobs. Additionally, experts on the pandemic advise that it may be a year before things get back to “normal”. In Atlanta specifically, there are increased racial tensions with protests continuing throughout the week. No matter what your opinion is on the events taking place, the market and more importantly our lives, are greatly impacted by this. Is your plan effective when the unexpected happens? Chris wraps up the show with a lightning round and answers questions from

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