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How Attacking Debt Could Be Hurting Your Financial Growth

Episode Summary

Too many of us are trapped in a cycle of debt and we put every extra penny we have towards paying it off. I want to convince you that you can break the cycle of debt a better way…

Episode Notes

Debt is a monster and surely deserves your attention, but not until you've done other key financial moves first. YES, really. I'm making the argument that real financial growth actually comes when you ignore your debt and focus on building your savings first.

Did you know that SEVEN OUT OF 10 college students have at least one credit card. According to a survey for , 37% have made a late payment and 62% have carried a balance.

Debt isn't only an issue of the young, it is seemingly a common denominator in personal finance today. But there is a better way!

In this episode of the Dynamic Money show, we’re talking about building a financial foundation first and that the best way to break the debt cycle is to stop attacking it (for at least a short strategic season of life).

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