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I'm Nearing Retirement & I'm Scared...

Episode Summary

If you're anxious about retiring, you're in good company. Virtually everyone we meet with turns white when we say "retirement plan." Here’s our best advice (and it isn't more money) for overcoming your financial stress and living in peace.

Episode Notes

This episode of the Dynamic Money show is for the CEO, CFO, Average Joe, and YOU because financial fears are as unifying as loving a good pizza. If you have doubts about your retirement plan, you're just like our listener who inspired this episode. We're going to give you some real practical input and transform your fear into peace. It's possible friends, I PROMISE.

MOST IMPORTANTLY - This podcast exists so you see how recent financial news affects your life, your wallet and your future. If you heard something that made you think about your personal situation or were confused by something don’t stay that way— Click here and ask our team any question. We would love to help you.

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