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Is day trading a good idea? Why good investing is boring and isn’t supposed be sexy!

Episode Summary

There has been movement of people funneling into the day trading world - using apps, where you can buy and trade stocks. So where is this leading people? Chris takes on Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, and who has recently begun day trading and sharing his successes, which has become a trending topic. Dave has even claimed to be “beating Wallstreet like a drum” and is leading an army of “Joe Public” investors into day trading. What is scary with this approach, is that it can appeal to young people who may seemingly act with no regard for the long-term consequences. While Dave adds the appropriate caveats and disclaimers, this tactic can leave people in extremely dangerous territory. NEXT, Chris shares cautionary stories of day trading, and why good investing is boring and isn’t supposed to be sexy! LATER, “To mask, or not to mask?” Chris discusses the controversy over regulations regarding masks amidst a pandemic and the reality that we don’t have enough data to fully understand the protective measures in place against COVID-19 quite yet.

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