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Mike Sims -- A Much-Needed Banking Solution Built On Relationships (Vinings Bank)

Episode Summary

Vinings Bank is the answer to my frustration in banking! Every entrepreneur and small- to medium-sized business owner needs to realize that holding your money should be considered a privilege. Listen and hear what better banking looks like.

Episode Notes

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Mike Sims, Executive Vice President of Vinings Bank, has decades of business banking experience that lead him to understand its history, what is important for a strong financial future, and most importantly how a relationship can tell you more about a person than only a set of numbers and data. Enter Vinings Bank.

Vinings Bank started at a difficult time to succeed in 2007, but still, today is enabling many small to medium-sized businesses and business owners to succeed in reaching their dreams.

If you've listened to the show much you've heard my long list of frustrations with big banks and this conversation is a timely breath of fresh air if you feel unknown or undervalued by your current banking partner. 


In this podcast interview, you will hear:

P.S. Vinings Bank doesn't charge overdraft fees. Holy cow! This is just unheard of in today's banking world. I love how differently they do things for the betterment of its partners.

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Interview Highlights

The Birthing of Vinings Bank In An Impossible Time & How It Changed Everything (Listen in at 15:00)

A Risk Profile That Considers Heart & Passion As Well As Financials  (Listen in at 24:00)

The Unique Differences of Vinings Bank (Listen in at 28:00)

The Most Important Factor Vinings Bank and Mike Sims Look For When Providing Capital (Listen in at 34:30)

The BIGGEST Banking Mistake Made By Entrepreneurs (Listen in at 42:45)

A Partner's Dream and Grandma's Secret Cookie Receipt (Listen in at 47:00)

Chris' Favorite Two Questions He ALWAYS Asks (Listen in at 54:30)

Key Quotes


"Many of my clients are business owners or dream of starting a business. They would love to hear this!"


"We're a commercial bank, but we want to serve small, medium-sized businesses with a team of people with really BIG skills sets."


"Most businesses struggle with their relationships with their banks because they don't know how to talk with their banks."


"Unfortunately, larger banks are tightening things up and keeping their staff conservative in practice. Where smaller institutions are still regulated but more flexibility to have meaningful conversations."


"We don't charge fees and prefer to make money on your deposits. We can't make money if you're unhappy and go somewhere else, so we fight to keep our partnerships happy."


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This Interview Is Part of Our More Than Money Conversation Series



We are financial planners, but we don't believe money will solve the issues people often believe it will. Put simply: More money isn't the best answer to a fulfilling life.


While we are absolutely interested in the financial success of our clients and growing their wealth, we believe we have failed as an organization if we have not equally led them to a more fulfilled life.

A better quality of living is so much more than excess of wealth and Mike/Vinings Bank similarly believe dreams, passion, and relationship are tells of your success more so than your balance sheet P&L statement. We invited Mike to share more about a community banking solution and just love how the conversation erupted to be something relevant for our audience to question if they are getting the best care they could receive.

We believe in "quality of life".

It is one of the greatest joys of our business to meet with clients, hear their dreams, and then see them live out a plan to achieve their goals.

We are More Than Money because we believe in you enjoying your life AND growing your wealth.

This interview hopefully reminds you to find a banker who asks questions and a bank that learns about what your money does for you, not only how much you have.


It's Vital To Have Meaningful Conversations

Let's talk. More Than Money exists for you and responds to all inquiries through our contact page.

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_Thank you so much for your time and insight, Mike! _