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Start Vacationing! How Couples Can Travel Without Financial Anxiety (Lightning Round)

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While both parties have good reasons for how they approach finances, you don't have to be stuck fighting.

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Tonya asks "Our family has not taken a real vacation in years because my husband is a die-hard saver. Do you have any tips?"

Typically a relationship feud over a vacation is split between two parties: **"the saver" and "the spender." **


While both parties have good reasons for how they approach finances, you don't have to be stuck fighting.


Here is the trick to going on the vacation of your dreams: Use the Foundation First program.

What is "Foundation First?" It is the essential first step to moving to a better quality of life.

During our free consultation with clients, we ask a lot of questions in an effort to get to know each other and the conversation can take a thousand different turns to be sure your concerns are answered. 

But without a doubt, every person we meet with is told how we believe in "Foundation First" as a philosophy to bring dramatic life change.


Foundation First is built on three steps:

  1. Build an emergency plan.
  2. Fully fund a ROTH IRA.
  3. THEN, look towards investments.

(Learn about "Foundation First" in more detail.)


Why Does Building A "Foundation First" Work for Vacation Planning?



1. It Gives The Saver Incredible Peace of Mind

The anxiety a "saver" feels is often rooted in fear. Internally, they wrestle with questions like "What will happen if we spend this money and we come back to a significant expense?" Or "Is this really worth it in the long run?" 

Building your "Foundation First" gives you incredible confidence that you are on track towards reaching the goals for your life while allowing you to have a BETTER QUALITY OF LIFE today.

The first step of Foundation First is to create an emergency plan. More Than Money defines that emergency plan as enough to cover three months of expenses. With this level of protection despite what may happen in your life, your family will be prepared.


2. It Gives The Spender The Freedom They Crave

Making a plan can be hard for spenders, but the "spender" wants to enjoy a vacation guilt-free without counting every dollar during what they hope is an unforgettable trip. When a couple builds their Foundation First they agree to an end they can work towards.

By mutually agreeing on creating an emergency plan, the spender can prove they understand the stress and values of "the saver" and then enjoy the ability to spend money on things they both enjoy.

Show me How to build a financial foundation and enjoy more peace



P.S. You Really Do Need That Vacation


You work hard. Don't only work so hard to make more deposits into your accounts, make memories too. Life moves fast.

Counter to common thinking a good plan actually allows you to live with more freedom and enjoy HOW you spend your money. Making a major expense like a vacation is easy to put off without a strong plan that gives you confidence in WHY you're spending your money.

More Than Money would love to help show you how you can live with more freedom and enjoy life today while being on track to reach your dreams for the future.


Read more about how to build your strong foundation here >>


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