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The Best Way to Pay Off Your Debt Is By Building Your Savings First!

Episode Summary

Listen, credit card debt knows no boundaries; it crosses all ages, income levels, genders and every other demographic. With a little strategy and self-discipline, you can unlock full financial freedom and live debt free.

Episode Notes

MOST IMPORTANTLY - This podcast exists so you see how recent financial news affects your life, your wallet, and your future. If you heard something that made you think about your personal situation or were confused by something don’t stay that way— Click here and ask our team any question. We would love to help you.

In this episode of the Dynamic Money show, we’re looking at debt and the monster that he can be and introducing a fresh strategy to defeat him. What if the best way to defeat your debt was to ignore it? We're making the argument that your money needs to be invested in savings before you continue to fight off your debt payments.

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