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The Market is back up, now what? | Playing the Credit Game

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The market has come back up, after plunging 34% in March. How does this line up with the reality of the economy right now? Anytime you see market data, that is just one aspect of the full picture. In actuality, we don’t have the economic data yet that tells us where are going as a country and where we are at globally. Chris addresses two big questions: 1. Where is this all going? 2. What Should I do now? THEN Chris discusses an interesting trend regarding credit card spending limits. Many people are relying on their credit cards as a safety net, however we are also discovering that limits are being drastically cut. Relying on credit lines as emergency funds can be deeply problematic. Credit unfortunately can be like a game, but here are a few tips to best play along. Like what you heard? Leave us a review. #LikeAndSubscribe

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