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Yes, You Can Still Fund Your Retirement Plan & See Tax Benefits (Lightning Round)

Episode Summary

It's easy to get the details around your 401K and your IRA confused but let's get it right.

Episode Notes

Tim Asks "What is the last day you can contribute to an ira and reduce my 2017 taxes?"


When you are funding your retirement plan you are not bound by the calendar year to see the tax benefits!

Unlike your 401(k), your IRA and ROTH IRA can accept tax-deductible contributions until you file taxes for the year.

It's easy to get them confused - but now is a great time to look at contributing to your retirement fund after the holiday and new year madness.


Tim, you may also enjoy a recent show on "How to Prepare Your 2017 Taxes for the New Tax Reform."



Hope you are able to feel more confident in your plan!


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